Are You Covid Susceptible or Safe?

Because you can never know about the Covid-status of those all around you, it makes sense to be sure about your immunity and that of your family.

Just one of the many reasons to check, rather than guess, your immunity status, with the Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test.

7 reasons

Discover your Immunity Profile

The Attomarker COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Test provides your personal antibody status from just a single finger-prick of blood

Our COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Test is the first test that profiles your immunity to COVID-19 by measuring your personal levels of the various COVID-19 antibodies, determining whether you are likely to be protected and how long that protection may last.

That empowers you to take informed decisions about your health & protection.

7 Compelling Reasons to Get AttoChecked!

Are you still protected?

Your antibody levels, and thus your degree of protection against Covid-19, decrease over time. Confirm you are still adequately protected.

Are you a poor responder?

As many as 1 in 4 persons are poor responders, developing few or no antibodies after vaccination. It’s better to be sure than guess.

How fast is your protection waning?

Antibody levels wane quickly in some and more slowly in others. We can suggest how long your protection may last and thus when to boost.

Are you nervous about boosting?

Some are worried about the effects of vaccines, including rare autoimmune side effects. We can check you aren’t showing this super-response.

When should you boost?

Boosting is vital for continued protection. Testing allows you to better decide when, based on your own personal degree of protection.

Do you have risk factors?

If you have risk factors for more severe COVID-19, it is even more important to ensure you have adequate antibody protection. Check, don’t guess.

Have you had Covid, even unknowingly?

You may have some naturally immunity and it might not be the best time to boost. We’re still learning about boosting on top of natural infection.

Taking Responsibility for your Health Protection

Every individual is different i.e. individual! Attomarker has always advocated for a personalised, patient-centric approach to care and treatments. With respect to Covid-19, there are many responses to vaccination, people develop different antibody levels, some don’t develop enough immunity, some have had the virus, some have had it and don’t know, others have risk factors for severe illness and almost nobody has any idea of what their degree of immunity is. At the same time, we know the vaccines are our best line of defence but that lots and lots of vaccination can also cause problems in a few susceptible individuals.

We need to learn to manage our health protection intelligently, not leaving ourselves vulnerable but acting sensibly towards our immune system too. We need to take responsibility for our health protection. And now we can, with a test that tells us so much, in such a helpful form.

Covid-19 Remains a Deadly Disease for the Unprotected

Passage of time, information overload and everybody expressing unscientific opinions, makes it easy to be Covid-fatigued or complacent. But the Covid-19 figures don’t lie. Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, remains dangerous, especially for the vulnerable and the under-protected. Vaccination, vaccination-boosters and sensible risk management remain the best approach for minimising the risks of severe disease, hospitalisation, ICU admission and death. The data is undeniable, based on millions of reported patient episodes across leading global health systems.

Of course, no vaccine is perfect (no medication ever is and yet we take them with confidence daily), and we’re still learning about Covid generally. All of this plays on the mind and it’s difficult to take decisions. We advocate vaccination and we advocate boosting, but we also advocate personalised medicine and making informed choices.