understanding your test results

Positive result

The four bars at the bottom show a gold bar for C-Reactive Protein (CRP) which is below the dotted line and within the normal range. The dotted line is 20 mg/L; the top of the normal range for most of the population.

The grey, pink and green bars are all above the dotted line and are all antibody positive which must have come from a response to an injection – the presence of N – and maybe the vaccine as well. N differentiates Natural from Vaccine Antibodies. The S and RBD antibodies are made as part of this patient’s response.

This patient is 90% likely to have protection from future infection for six months and have additional Natural Immunity.

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Negative result

The bars at the bottom of the result show the CRP level is close to the top of the normal range – this patient should consider discussing this result with the nurse or GP.

All three antibody levels are below the thresholds indicating sufficient protective antibodies. It is unlikely that this patient has had the infection. If a vaccine has been administered it has not produced antibodies.

If no vaccine antibodies are produced after a second dose then a booster may be required. Talk with the nurse or a GP through our partners The GP Service.

7 reasons