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We will immediately be dispatching your at home blood sampling kit, complete with postage-paid return packaging. On return, we will process the test and provide you with your results within one working day of receipt.

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About the Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test Process?

Below you will find the stepwise process that delivers a full Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Profile to your inbox in as little as 72 hours, allowing you to make intelligent choices based on a true picture of your immunity profile, duration of protection and thus vulnerability to Covid-19 infection.

1. Purchase your Antibody Test & Profile, including finger-prick self-collection kit & prepaid packaging for return.

2. Customer Services immediate dispatches your self-collection kit by first class mail.

3. Follow the simple instructions to collect a small finger-prick blood sample and return it in the prepaid packaging.

4. Results are processed by the central laboratory (completed in 24-48 hours) from when your sample was taken.

5. Full profile and detailed report are then provided directly to you by email.

6. Results also available on the Biomark iOS App

7. Enhanced support and explanation options provided too