How covid safe is your workforce?

COVID-19 is clearly not going away anytime soon, presenting businesses with a constant battle to maintain performance, especially in teams or where certain staff are critical. Absent critical team members lead to lost productivity and even a failure to deliver on organisational promises to clients. It has a high financial cost, a performance cost and of course an ongoing human cost.

Attomarker COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Testing for teams, organisations or workforces is an invaluable answer to a challenging problem.

Rational Choice with an
Invaluable Rationale

Despite the majority of workforces in many countries having high rates of vaccination and even boosters, staff members remain absent for weeks at a time, some of them experiencing very severe illness despite seemingly being protected by our vaccine shield. Long-Covid looks to have the potential to disrupt business further, and become a public health disaster unless pandemic management changes.

Vaccination is a vital line of defence but in real life there are inconvenient scientific realities that disrupt all of us, including businesses:

For employers and individuals alike, health security and business continuity is achieved by understanding where each individual stands

The undisputed reality is that although vaccination and booster rates are indicators of workforce (and traveller) protection to a degree, the passage of time and variation in response make them poor markers for real-time personal immunity status.

And it is immunity that keeps your colleagues working, your clients safe, your workforce safe and your business continuity protected from the destructive effects of COVID-19.

Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Testing in Intelligent Staff Management (ISM)

Team, group or company-wide Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Testing
is a simple and highly cost-effective investment in business continuity, but more importantly a reinforcement of your commitment to the safety and wellbeing of staff and clients alike.

It allows you to develop a holistic picture of COVID-19 health security across your workforce and supports active efforts and measures to reduce risk and increase security, including:

Rock Solid Reasons

You can better manage your workforce attendance and safety by gaining a holistic picture of their immunity profile. This allows you to:

Reduce unnecessary COVID-19 absences

Ensure vulnerable staff are adequately protected

Encourage boosting for those at the edge of immunity or below

Protect clients and demonstrate your commitment to their safety

Be resilient to the ever-present risk of COVID-19 from visitors

Preserve performance & productivity, especially in teams or with key workers

Understanding the Service

The Attomarker COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Testing Service for Teams, Workforces and Organisations is designed to be simple to implement and swift to provide you with invaluable insight into the immunity status of your workforce. However, every organisation is different, including different in size, vital staff members, vulnerability from people coming into the organisation and more. We will specify the best approach for you and your organisation, but a typical scenario may well unfold like this:

1. We conduct a rapid needs assessment to best advise on the right solution

2. As part of this early process, we ascertain what is most important for you to understand and where, which will form the basis of post-testing reporting

3. Participating staff complete a short, standardised demographic and Covid-history form, which adds an invaluable degree of insight to the guidance

4. We will have a trained phlebotomy nurse visit to collect small venous blood samples from each member of staff to be included

5. These samples are returned to our nearest laboratory and processed, typically in 24-48 hours depending on volume

6. Each individual member of the team has an individual profile provided to them

7. The organisation is provided with a detailed report discussing vulnerabilities and suggested actions arising to ensure business and staffing continuity

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